International Congresses


Since 1969, FIAV has sponsored the biennial International Congresses of Vexillology (ICV). Every two years the world’s flag people come together to discuss the subject they love best, flags, hear talks on various vexillological subjects and socialise.

Previous Congresses have been held in Muiderberg (1965), Zürich and Rüschlikon (1967), Boston (1969), Turin (1971), London (1973), IJsselmeer (1975), Washington, D.C. (1977), Vienna (1979), Ottawa (1981), Oxford (1983), Madrid (1985), San Francisco (1987), Melbourne (1989), Barcelona (1991), Zürich (1993), Warsaw (1995), Cape Town (1997), Victoria, British Columbia (1999), York (2001), Stockholm (2003), Buenos Aires (2005), Berlin (2007), Yokohama (2009), Alexandria VA (2011), Rotterdam (2013) and Sydney (2015).

The Flag Institute has hosted two International Congresses of Vexillology: the 5th Congress in London and the 19th Congress in York. It also assisted the Heraldry Society with the 10th Congress in Oxford.

At the 23rd FIAV General Assembly in Rotterdam, 2013, the Flag Institute was awarded the hosting of the 27th Congress in London. This will take place between the 7th and 11th of August 2017 at Imperial College, in Kensington.